Eat Your Verbs

Number Seven In “The Seeds of Thought”

– by Carl Japikse  

“Even if we learn how to tap the authority of ideas and funnel its power into the words we use, we have the responsibility to use our writing not to impress our readers but to communicate clearly with them. If they end up misapprehending our meaning because we fail to communicate our message lucidly, then we have failed to harness the potency of good writing.” So writes Carl Japikse in Eat Your Verbs!, a guide to inspired writing.

Eat Your Verbs! is more than just a guide to contacting inspiration and infusing it into words on a page; it is also a guide to organizing your mind so that you can express the inner message of your writing clearly and powerfully. Topics covered include sources of inspiration, writing with animation, good vs. bad writing, the art of reading, the correct usage of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and transitions, building vocabulary, the curse of nihilism, repetition, voice, pace, and silence.

Eat Your Verbs! was written to accompany Mr. Japikse’s course in enlightened writing. A new session of this class begins on April 17.

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