Acts of Light

Number Seven In “The Seeds of Thought”

– by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.  

Acts of Light — the fifth book in the series, “Resurrecting Christianity”— is in production and will be available in June. Written by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D., the series is designed to reawaken Christians to the Christian ideas, teachings, techniques, rituals, and practices that inspired Jesus when He embodied them 2,000 years ago.

Like St. Francis, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and others before him, Dr. Leichtman exposes the distortions of dogma and mediocrity that have crept into Christian attitudes and habits as it has spread throughout the world.  He clearly and powerfully refocuses attention on the truths of the Christian life, emphasizing the need for transformation and good works in an active life.

Acts of Light  explains how Christians can be guided, even today, by the parables of Jesus. Dr. Leichtman states:

“What is so special about the parables of Jesus is how he uses simple situations that might occur in anyone’s experience to reveal the spiritual possibilities in them. What seems commonplace to our material senses is portrayed as part of a larger world governed by invisible but powerful forces. While we seem to be separate individuals, our life and success are influenced by more subtle designs and universal powers that ultimately determine the results of our endeavors. Jesus constantly implies that the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life depends on our capacity to comprehend and incorporate this divine agenda into our thinking and behavior.

“Jesus uses His parables to describe major temptations, expose the consequences of poor choices, and encourage a more charitable perspective. . . . A story about a man who is regarded as inferior but who demonstrates kindness to a victim of robbery demonstrates the nature of authentic charity and its priority over religious rules of conduct.

“These stories and symbols also are helpful in conveying how to think about abstract, invisible, or universal forces. The danger of the arrogant mind filled with fixed ideas and habits is compared to the hard-packed soil of a footpath; its surface is so tough that seeds—that is, new ideas—which fall on it will never germinate. The enriching value of divine love is described as being like yeast that is thoroughly mixed with fresh dough; a small portion of yeast lifts up and expands the dough and enriches its flavor. In a similar manner, a small amount of joy or goodwill can create major changes in how we respond to difficult situations as well as enriching our life experience.”

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