The Rising Mind

Number Six In “The Seeds of Thought”

– by Carl Japikse  

It is with pleasure that Light announces the publication of The Rising Mind by Carl Japikse, a book which demonstrates how ideologies mimic legitimate thinking and corrupt the mind.

The mind is not a static instrument that can be educated and then unleashed. It is meant to grow and expand throughout our adult years, as it learns about the spiritual dimensions of life. Indeed, the potential of the mind to serve as a connector with the higher dimensions and possibilities of thought—even the mind of God—is virtually without limit.

The Rising Mind describes how the human mind can be trained and encouraged to rise to these higher plateaus— and learn to embrace Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom.

It is the 6th in a series of books on thinking by Carl Japikse.

A copy of The Rising Mind sells for $18 plus $6 shipping.
$16 as an ebook.

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