Number Seven In “The Seeds of Thought”

– by Carl Japikse  

It is with pleasure that Light announces publication of Fate by Carl Japikse, a book which examines how the notions of luck, chance, and predestination have twisted our understanding of destiny. Millions believe in predestination or some variant on it, without understanding how it excludes them from the opportunity to enjoy one of the greatest features of higher thinking.

A false belief in fate and destiny has corrupted human thinking for thousands of years, keeping the human mind focused in the finite life of the world of form—as well as its pervasive fear and sense of dread. But it need not be so. This book lays out the development of the idea of fate, both as an idea of the finite mind and a Big Idea of spirit. It reveals the power of the human mind to rise above limited thoughts and harness the unlimited glory of divine life.

Fate is the seventh book in a series on the uses of the mind by Carl Japikse called The Seeds of Thought. If you already subscribe, a copy ofFate will be sent to you automatically, when printed. If not, why not subscribe now?

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If you order a dozen (or more) copies, to have plenty on hand to give to others, we will sell 12 copies for just $11 a copy, or

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