Kinship With All Life

by J. Allen Boone

Our March 2013 selection.

The human race does not inhabit the planet earth alone. We share it with many kingdoms of life. Yet we often have little appreciation for the value of these other kingdoms.

As a race, we desperately need a larger perspective on life. We need to cultivate a deeper reverence for all life and see the kingdoms that inhabit the earth—animal, plant. and mineral—as worthy expressions of the One Creator.

J. Allen Boone's remarkable book, Kinship with All Life, is a charming introduction to the true meaning of reverence. It is the story of Boone's personal experiences with animals, how he learned to communicate with them, and the respect and love he has developed for them.

The principal figure of the book is Strongheart, a famous movie dog of his day. Asked to care for Strongheart while his trainers were away, Boone readily consented. However, he soon began having second thoughts, as Strongheart seemed far more capable of taking care of Boone than the other way around! As he got to know the famous dog, Boone marveled at his range of intelligence-and found he could communicate telepathically with him.

These experiences led Boone to explore contacts with other animals, too-rattlesnakes, ants, and "Freddie the Fly." His observations and insights make fascinating and entertaining reading, and put a unique and practical focus on the concept of reverence for life.

This book is a joy to read.

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