Sunday, February 10—The Right Use Of Power

taught by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.The Sunday, February 10th class is on the topic of The Right Use Of Power, Integrity, and Authenticity for Successful Living. This class is about the problems that can arise when our purpose is not clear and our priorities lack coherency. These situations are often improved by focusing more attention on developing authenticity, integrity, and sincerity. These virtues are often the missing ingredients that resolve ambivalence and doubt about who we are and what we need to do to lead a fulfilling life—even in the absence of significant support and approval.

Tuition is $125.

The time and place for the class will be as usual: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Saturday class will be at the Santa Barbara Unity Church. The Sunday class will be in a private home in Ventura. For those who cannot attend in person, CDs of both classes will be available for the price of the class plus an extra $20.

For reservations, contact the office of Dr. Kwako at (805) 565-3959.

The Death—and Rebirth—of the Phoenix

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