The 12 Labors of Hercules

Number Seven In “The 12 Labors of Hercules”

– by Carl Japikse  

One of the great contributions of Greek mythology to Western thought is the story of the twelve labors of Hercules, which demonstrates the correct use of the mind in mastering the challenges of living on Earth, without succumbing to the lures of materialism.

These labors are not just incredible feats of human strength, as Hercules conquers lions, boars, deer, and monsters of every shape; they depict the progress of a spiritual seeker as he strives to discover himself and his role in life. As such, this book‚ written in heroic verse, helps each reader build a strong set of values that can lead him or her onward in triumph over the mundane levels of life. The reward for completing the 12 labors is immortality. Hercules discovers the divine within him, and thus eternal life.

The first 10 labors were featured originally in Sophy for Kids, and have been collected and updated here. In addition, the eleventh and twelfth labors have been added, as well as new material. The stories have been retold in heroic couplets by Carl Japikse.

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