The Bach Flower Remedies

by Edward Bach, M.D.

Our May 2013 selection.

Dr. Edward Bach believed the heart of healing must be focused on the ills of the emotions not physical distress. To him, the bodily ills are merely symptoms of far more serious problems – our fears, anxieties, apathy, depression, and hostility. In The Bach Flower Remedies, he sets forth his insights into health and illness plus a remarkable system for treating the “ills of heart and spirit” with flower remedies.

The Bach Flower Remedies is actually three books in one, In the first section, "Heal Thyself," Dr. Bach discusses his spiritual perspective on the nature of illness and the ultimate source of effective cures to illness-the divinity within us, In specific, Dr. Bach says the human weaknesses that lead to illness need to be washed away by flooding our consciousness with a strong dose of the spiritual qualities that will neutralize them, To aid in this process, Dr. Bach recommends the use of flower remediesthe essences of flowers which, when taken in the form of elixirs, act as antidotes to the emotional poisons which lead to illness.

The use of these remedies is described in the book's second section, “The Twelve Healers.” The final section, “The Bach Remedies Repertory” by F.J. Wheeler, M.D.” is a detailed account of the value of each of the 38 flower remedies and how to use them. (Note: all of these remedies are available through at discount prices. If you use the links below to order them, Light receives a referral fee on each purchase you make.)

Just reading this book is a health-giving experience. But its real power lies in using the remedies to bring us into harmony with the God within us – and the divine power of Love.

The remedies work by mixing two to four drops into a glass of water and then sipping the water slowly. Or, when a glass of water is not available, two to four drops can be applied just underneath the tongue. In brief, the 38 remedies and the conditions they cure are:

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Agrimony cures worry, pessimism, and bleakness. It promotes serenity.

Aspen reduces fear, terror.
It promotes inner strength.

Beech softens intolerance, and promotes tolerance and goodwill.

Centaury decreases passivity and "co-dependence." It builds authority.

Cerato cures self-doubt. It fosters confidence and decisiveness.

Cherry plum lessens hysteria and violent impulses. It builds integration.

Chestnut bud controls stubbornness and defensiveness. It cultivates

Chicory weakens selfishness. It promotes generosity of mind and heart.  

Clematis cures lethargy and attention deficits. It builds a one-pointed focus.    

Crabapple purifies unclean thoughts and feelings. It leads to purity.

Elm combats the sense of being overwhelmed by life. It promotes efficiency.  

Gentian reduces discouragement and melancholy. It builds optimism.

Gorse assuages hopelessness. It cultivates faith.

Heather cures self-centeredness and obsessiveness. It builds a sharing spirit.  

Holly soothes hatred and envy. It creates a protective aura of love.

Honeysuckle cures regret and grief. It gives the strength to face tomorrow.

Hornbeam cures weariness and emotional fatigue. It generates assurance.  

Impatiens cures impatience and irritability. It leads to poise and peace.

Larch cures lack of confidence and inferiority. It produces new determination.  

Mimulus cures concrete fears. It nurtures a state of quiet dignity and courage.  

Mustard cures gloom and depression. It cultivates cheerfulness and joy.

Oak cures grim endurance and a problem consciousness. It leads to self-control.    

Olive cures exhaustion. It promotes gracefulness.

Pine assuages guilt and a sense of always being wrong. It builds nobility.

Red chestnut lessens excessive sensitivity to the plights of others. It creates poise.    

Rock rose reduces terror. It produces strength and courage.

Rock water cures mental rigidity, perfectionism, and competitiveness. It leads to flexibility and adaptability.

Scleranthus helps moodiness and indecisiveness. It generates focused determination.    

Star of Bethlehem cures shock. It restores balance.

Sweet chestnut assuages anguish and abject loneliness. It helps build faith in the oneness & intelligence of life.

Vervain relieves stress and nervousness. It nurtures harmony.

Vine lessens inflexibility, cruelty, & lust for power. It stimulates the ability to nurture and inspire others.

Walnut weakens resistance to change. It cultivates curiosity about life, a desire to learn.


Water violet modifies arrogance and superiority. It leads to tenderness.


White chestnut reduces worries and psychic mischief and disturbances. It quiets the undisciplined din of our interior awareness, allowing us to attune to higher ideals.

Wild oat clears confusion and discord. It generates lucidity.


Wild rose overcomes apathy and escapist tendencies. It builds the strength of character that lets us face problems squarely and learn from them.

Willow reduces resentment and accumulated anger. It builds compassion and joy.


(The description of the remedies is Copyright © 1998 by Light)

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