The Connection: Bridging Heaven and Earth

Two essays from Our Spiritual Resources: “Finding Heaven on Earth” and “Linking Earth with Heaven.”

– by Robert R.Leichtman, M.D. & Carl Japikse  

Enthea Press announces the printing of a new title in its Spiritual Companions series, The Connection: Bridging Heaven and Earth, by Robert R.Leichtman, M.D. & Carl Japikse. This book comtains two essays from The Life of Spirit, volume IV—also titled Our Spiritual Resources.

“Some people look at the outer appearances of life and see only the physical plane. Others, who have cultivated an esoteric perspective, look at the same appearances and see the inner patterns, forces, and principles which gave rise to them. These people have learned to find heaven on earth, and by so doing, tap one of the greatest of all spiritual resources.” So write Dr. Robert R. Leichtman and Carl Japikse in The Connection.

The printed book costs $12 plus $6 for shipping.

The Connection is also available in ebook format for $10.

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