The Encyclopedia of Light, Volume II

Ideas about Consciousness from Ariel Press: A Comprehensive Encyclopædia of Light

There will be six volumes in all, 8.5 x 11, 240-300 pages each, containing expansive definitions of topics related to Light, from the beginning of time until now. The entries are expository by nature. Each author mentioned in the book will be represented by a piece of short fiction, poetry, or narration. The aim is to be comprehensive.

Volume I is in print. Volume II is targeted for July of this year. Subsequent volumes will follow, one per year, until the entire set is published by 2019.

Volume II includes the text of Corinne Heline’s Healing and Regeneration Through Color, the full text of C.W. Leadbeater’s Dreams, and a complete story in the Professor Challenger series by Arthur Conan Doyle and an essay on Spiritual Laws by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It also reproduces The Esoteric Catechism from Alice Bailey and the first five chapters of Rene Descartes’ Discourse.

There are entries from English, but also Senzar (PIE), Sanskrit, Egyptian, Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi, Babylonian, Chaldean, Greek, and Latin, as well as other ancient idioms.

The entries in this books will be based on glossaries found in Active Meditation and From Heaven to Earth, as well as items from Above the Mean, the Alice Bailey books and The Secret Doctinre.

Volume II: C-E includes entries on:

Cadmus Caduceus Cagliostro Cain Cancer Carnergie Capital Punishment Carnegie, Andrew Capricorn The Cardinal Cross The Causal Body Cause & Effect, Law of Cecil George Cayce, Edgar St. Cecilia Chance Chaos Charity Charites Charity Cheiro Chela Chemi Chenresi Cherry Plum Cherubim Collective Unconscious Cohesion, Law of Thomas Cole Color Color Communion Cherubim Cheth Chi Chicory Chikamatsu Children of God Chokmah Chopin Chosen People Clairaudience Clairvoyance Compensation, Law of Conscience The Christ Christ Love Christianity Chuang Tzu Church Churchill Circle City of God Civilization Collective Unconscious Cohesion, Law of Color Conan-Doyle Confession Confucius Consciousness Contraries, Law of Corona Cosmology Creation Creativity Cycles, Law of Daath Daleth Dali Darwin Dawn Albert Day Death DeBono Debussy Dee Deism Descartes Destiny Deva Death Death, Law of Destiny, Law of Detachment Determination Deva Devachan Dharma Dialogue D.K. Dignty Dimension Disintegration, Law of Divination Dogma Dominion Dragon Dreaming Duality Dweller on the Threshold Dzyan Earth Earthbound Easter Ecclesiasticus Economy, Law of Ego Eight El Elemental Elijah Elm Emanation Emerson Energy Energy Medicine Enlightenment Enthea Equilibrium Eos Erato Essence Esoteric Eternity Ether Etheric Evil Evolution, Law of Exchange, Law of Expansiveness Expansive Response, Law of Exaltation

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