The Monster Wars

by Dave Duncan

Our June 2013 selection.

Wart is a wandering minstrel boy and acrobat who gets in trouble and ends up in Ironhall. Four years later, he emerges as Sir Stalwart, one of the King’s Blades and a master swordsman, commissioned in secret on a special mission - to find out and defeat the dark magicians who initiated the Monster Wars by sending artificial chimera to attack and try to kill King Ambrose IV of Chivial.

Originally published as three novellas in the King’s Daggers series, The Monster Wars has been re-issued in a single volume. This is fantasy at its finest, presenting in fictional terms insights into the nature of Time and Chance, the glamours of human life, and the power and significance of initiation.

Wart is joined in all his adventures by Sister Emerald. As one of the White Sisters, she is trained to detect magic spells and lies.

The Monster Wars make excellent summer reading - great fun with plenty of substance!

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Most of these are available in print and Kindle editions.

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