The Third Great Commandment

Working with the Light

– by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.  

The Third Great Commandment—the third book in the series, “Resurrecting Christianity”—is now available. Written by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D., the series is designed to reawaken Christians to the Christian ideas, teachings, techniques, rituals, and practices that inspired the Christ when He embodied them 2,000 years ago.

Like St. Francis, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and others before him, Dr. Leichtman exposes the distortions of dogma and mediocrity that have crept into Christian attitudes and habits as it has spread throughout the world. He clearly and powerfully refocuses attention on the truths of the Christian life, emphasizing the need for transformation and good works in an active life.

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The Third Great Commandment encourages Christians to work with the light of the world, not just believe in it. Dr. Leichtman states: “Jesus warned about the deadening impact of idolatry when he declared that those who love Him must keep His commandments [John 14:15]. There can be no mistake that He is informing us that endless praise of Him will not discharge the obligations of those who define themselves as Christians.

“To that end, He gave us another Commandment that is the most (intentionally)overlooked part of the New Testament. It is an instruction that, if followed, would radically change how most good Christians worship the Lord. That Commandment is what I refer to as The Third Great Commandment. It is found in Matthew 16:24: “All those who want to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

“It is unfortunate that the Church chooses to interpret this passage in a shallow and even self-destructive manner. ‘Denying ourself’ is usually construed to mean that we should suppress the personality. God will then, supposedly, fill us up and take over. ‘Taking up our cross’ is interpreted to mean that we must suffer for our sins. ‘Following Jesus’ is thought to embody our obligation to be relentless in preaching the gospel and remaining faithful to the church’s dogma.

“Such an interpretation is grossly misleading and serves more to support the welfare of the church as an institution than to help individuals work with the Light and Love of God. It is time to resurrect the meaning of this Commandment and recognize its true value as a complete formula for working with the Light of God.”

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