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– by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.  

It is with pleasure that Light announces a new series of books being written by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D., “Resurrecting Christianity,” a bold new series designed to reawaken Christians to the Christian ideas, teachings, techniques, rituals, and practices that inspired the Christ when He embodied them 2,000 years ago.

Like St. Francis, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and others before him, Dr. Leichtman exposes the distortions of dogma and mediocrity that have crept into Christian attitudes and habits as it has spread throughout the world. He clearly and powerfully refocuses attention on the truths of the Christian life, emphasizing the need for transformation and good works in an active life.

Table of Contents

    Part One: A New Perspective
  1. Challenging Traditions
  2. How Do We Know What To Believe?
  3. Churchianity vs. Christianity
  4. Sin & Shame-Centered Religion

  5. Part Two: Christian Concepts & Practices
  6. Who is Jesus?
  7. The Christ Presence
  8. The Christ Principle in Us
  9. The Kingdom of Heaven
  10. Building the Bridge to Heaven
  11. Engaging Divine Possibilities
  12. The Temple of Our Character
  13. Faith vs. Faithfulness
  14. The Role of Prayer
  15. Our Spiritual Duty
  16. Worshipping God
  17. Seeking Salvation
  18. The Miracle of Forgiveness
  19. Divine Forgiveness
  20. Did Jesus Die For Us?
  21. Death & the Afterlife
  22. The Role of the Clergy

  23. Part Three: Pressing Onward
  24. New Perspectives & Opportunities

The tentative titles of the six books in the series, Resurrecting Christianity, are:

  1. THE LIGHT BEHIND THE DOGMA –  How modern Christian dogma and practices distort the teachings of Jesus
  2. CONNECTING TO THE LIGHT –  Methods to help the enlightened Christian connect with and express spirit
  3. WORKING WITH THE LIGHT –  Spiritual principles for working with the Father
  4. HEEDING THE LIGHT –  Fulfilling the Commandments of the Christ
  5. ACTS OF LIGHT –  The practical guidance to be found in the parables of the Christ
  6. HARVESTING THE LIGHT –  An examination of the fruits of spirit

Expected Publication Date of Book One, The Light Behind the Dogma is January 22, 2013.
The cost of The Light Behind the Dogma will be $21, when issued.
Prepublication price: $16 plus $6 shipping. In ebook format: $17.

The cost of subscribing to all 6 books in the series (including The Light Behind the Dogma): $110 plus $10 shipping (a savings of $42). Ten (or more) copies of The Light Behind the Dogma may be purchased for $14 each, or $140, plus $10 shipping. In ebook format, a subscription to all six books costs $88. A great Christmas gift for yourself or another!


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