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Forecast of the Year 2016

by Carl Japikse

Each year at New Year's, Mr. Japikse conducts a Tarot reading examining the major opportunities and challenges that will arise during the coming year. Carl Japikse’s forecast for 2016 is now ready for purchase, either as a podcast or a CD.

The question posed was: “What will be the major lessons and opportunities the spiritual aspirant will encounter during 2016?”

The hour-long forecast (reproduced below) indicates that 2016 will be a time of mental focus and transformation, so that our thinking becomes attuned more and more to the archetypes of heaven and the divine laws, not physical worries and issues

The recording is something akin to a spiritual weather forecast for the entire year. It outlines the parameters in which our growth will—or will not—occur, not just for the individual but also for the society as a whole.

The hour-long forecast is accompanied by a layout of the spread utilizing Light's Tarot Dealer. (Year-long subscriptions to the Tarot Dealer service cost $30.)

$15 by podcast, $20 by CD


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