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Annual Tarot Forecast CD  Annual Tarot Forecast CD

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Forecast of the Year 2018

Conducted by Carl Japikse

2018 will be a year of new opportunities for bringing the essence of the higher life into the physical plane, thereby enriching it. In this context, it is an excellent time for defining the Big Picture—not getting entrapped in petty details, as so many people will do. It is a time to confront the past—not just the momentum that has carried you through to 2018, but the hidden potentials of spirit we can draw upon

The full forecast is available as a podcast for purchase for $15. It can be bought as a CD for an additional $10 ($25 total).

The question examined was: “What will be the major lessons and opportunities the spiritual aspirant will encounter during 2018?

The hour-long forecast is accompanied by a layout of the spread utilizing Light's Tarot Dealer. Light member Nancy Maxwell wrote: “I have reviewed last year’s Tarot forecast. It was spot on.” Don't miss out on getting a head start on 2018!

The recording is something akin to a spiritual weather forecast for the entire year. It outlines the parameters in which our growth will—or will not—occur, not just for the individual but also for society as a whole.

This forecast addresses the underlying question: what can I do to expand my sphere of influence on the physical plane? What pledges govern me from the life of spirit? What is my responsibility to spirit—and my duty to enrich life?

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