Above the Mean

an internet column by Carl Japikse

This column explores the hidden meanings and extra dimensions of life with wit, style, and incisiveness, drawing on the rich topics of current events, social mores, and modern customs. New columns appear Mondays and Thursdays and are sent by email to current subscribers.

Above the Mean

Reviews of Above the Mean:

"Another great issue of Above the Mean! Thanks!"
-- Judy Ross, Columbus, Ohio

"Lovin' Above the Mean!"
-- Alexandra Day, London, England

"Thank goodness for the pearls of wisdom in Above the Mean!"
-- Diana Turner-Forte, Ellerbe, North Carolina

The title of the series, Above the Mean, illustrates the basic thematic goals of the columns.  Mr. Japikse highlights the aspects of the issues he writes about which lead us "above the mean"--above the mediocrity and the commonplace which so much of society strives and embodies today.  He also strikes a higher level of discourse which elevates thinking above criticism and meanness, and seeks to create a new tone of commentary.

Columns are not limited by any format.  Some appear as prose nonfiction; others as poetry or even short tales or fables. Some employ satire and humor; some do not.  "My goal," says Mr. Japikse, "is to contemplate the gap between the actual conditions of life and the ideals toward which we strive, laughing whenever possible, but always striving for clear thinking."

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Back issues can be purchased for $1 apiece.

To subscribe, send a reply email to carl@lightariel.com and charge your order to a major credit card or PayPal.  Or send a check or money order to Carl Japikse, P.O. Box 271, Marble Hill, GA 30148.

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