Thanks to the generous support of several Light members and the creative talent of Ben Day, you can now subscribe to Light's online, cloud-based application which enables you to easily harness the wisdom of the interpretations contained in Light’s I Ching books authored by Dr. Robert R. Leichtman and Carl Japikse: Healing Lines, Ruling Lines, Connecting Lines, and Changing Lines,

The new I Ching in the Cloud web app makes it easy for you to integrate the wisdom of the I Ching into your daily life by making inquiries of any or all of the four modules and receiving and saving the corresponding hexagrams and interpretations wherever you have an internet connection using your Smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

You have complete privacy: your inquiries are stored uniquely on the device you are using, not in the Cloud. You also have the ability to delete individual queries, and you can also print out your results if your device has access to a printer.

Subscribe today and you will receive the information of how to connect to the web app along with an authorization code to set up each device. Once your subscription has been activated on a device, you can use the app over and over again without having to log in.

A one-year subscription to I Ching in the Cloud costs $50. You may also wish to use the service with other devices in your household. There is a $10 a year fee for each additional device included in the subscription.

Subscribe for up to three years as follows:

  1. 1 year: $50, plus $10 per additional device in the household.
  2. 2 years: $90, plus $20 per additional device in the household.
  3. 3 years: $125, plus $30 per additional device in the household.

Most households will want to take advantage of our special all-inclusive rate of $75 a year, which covers as many devices in your household as you care to include. This option is also available for one, two, or three years with an additional savings for each year beyond the first:

  1. 1 year: $75.
  2. 2 years: $140. (an additional savings of $10.)
  3. 3 years: $200. (an additional savings of $25.)

The four original I Ching books are also now available as a single volume called I Ching Line by Line in ebook format for just $34. This makes a perfect companion to the I Ching in the Cloud web app. 

To subscribe to I Ching in the Cloud or to order the eBook, just send Light payment by PayPal or by personal check (send checks to Light, P.O. Box 251, Marble Hill, GA 30148). In return, you will receive the instructions and your personal authorization code.

That’s all there is to it! And the app works beautifully. A great way to integrate the wisdom of the I Ching into your daily life.