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Annual Tarot Forecast

Each year at New Year's, Mr. Japikse conducts a Tarot reading examining the major opportunities and challenges that will arise during the coming year.

The question examined is: "What will be the major lessons and opportunities the spiritual aspirant will encounter during 2021?

Learn what's in store for 2021.

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Above the Mean

What Subscribers Are Saying About Above the Mean:.

“I am enjoying the MassCon Recon Project a lot but am totally hooked on Above the Mean. Thanks so much for both of them.”
– Judy Ross, Columbus, Ohio

“You have, once again, exceeded my expectations!”
– Nancy Stark, Baltimore

“This is beautiful!”
– Lois Blumenstiel, Columbus, Ohio

“Awesome, Carl.”
– Al Kulig, Kettering, Ohio.

“Beautiful and heartfelt.”
– Don Ehreth, Alexandria, Virginia

“The most beautiful and hope-filled Above the Mean you have ever penned.”
– Mary Glazier, Albuquerque

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Seminars and Classes

Classes by Carl Japikse:

Light of the Soul
Beginning January 6

This weekly class on “The Light of the Soul” will be devoted to reading and applying the instructions in The Light of the Soul. Students will be expected to read one sutra and its commentary each day in the morning, contemplating it during their morning meditation and thinking about it as they proceed through the activities of the day.

Defeating Fear
Sunday, February 7

This will be about how to discover the truth that sets us free from self-deception, falsehoods, superstitions, and assorted fascinations and obsessions. Penetrating to the Truth is an important complement to our spiritual abilities to know Love and honor the Will of spirit.

Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.:

February 20

This will be about how to discover the truth that sets us free from self-deception, falsehoods, superstitions, and assorted fascinations and obsessions. Penetrating to the Truth is an important complement to our spiritual abilities to know Love and honor the Will of spirit.

February 21

Integrity is based on emotional, intellectual, and moral honesty. It protects us from incomplete views and interpretations of life and fosters clarity of purpose and purity of motives. Integrity is the enemy of those who would mislead us and the friend of those who seek to cooperate with spirit.

Dr. Leichtman's classes will be held by GoToMeeting. Cost for each is $125.00.
A podcast of each class will be available at no extra cost.
Register for classes:
Robert Leichtman, M.D. @ P.O. Box 6891; Baltimore MD 21285
You also need to register to our webmaster Jim Patterson at
Please do this several days before the class.

New and Exciting...

Harvesting the Light: Using the Fruits of Spirit To Build a Spiritual Skill Set

by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D. Book Six in a Series of Six – by Robert R.Leichtman, M.D. $22 for the single book, plu...

The Light of Initiation

Two essays from The Life of Spirit: Volume II: “The Trials of Initiation” and “The Path To Transfiguration.” &n...

The Connection: Bridging Heaven and Earth

Two essays from Our Spiritual Resources: “Finding Heaven on Earth” and “Linking Earth with Heaven.” – by ...

I Ching in the Cloud

The new I Ching in the Cloud web app makes it easy for you to integrate the wisdom of the I Ching into your daily life by making inquiries of any or all of the four modules and receiving and saving the corresponding hexagrams and interpretations wherever you have an internet connection using your Smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

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Books of Light

Our Latest selection:

Childhood's End

by Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Just as the United States and Russia are about to launch the first rockets to the moon, enormous spaceships carrying "Overlords" appear over the major capitals of the world and begin issuing instructions to mankind. The Overlords do not actually appear on earth&emdash;they send their instructions through the secretary general of the United Nations&emdash;but they back up their orders with nonviolent yet effective demonstrations of great power.

Within a few years, they achieve a dramatic improvement in the course of civilization-although not without resistance from terrorists, religious fanatics, and nationalists. But the resistance is contained, and the real work of the Overlords on earth begins&emdash;the creation of a new race of "wonder children" who represent the next step in evolution for humanity.

These children are far superior to any human&emdash;and are even greater than the Overlords themselves. They have apparently transcended matter and are able to transmute it, which they do, in a scene of fiery transformation.

Childhood's End is a marvelously rich novel which introduces us to several significant themes: the idea that there is a Hierarchy of advanced humans who protect and gUide the development of civilization and humanity; the rebelliousness of humanity toward its own destiny and purpose; and the ultimate transformation of human consciousness, leading to an entirely new race of God-like people.

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